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"My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement."
—  Patricia Graynamore. Joe vs The Volcano

  • Anyway, here we have yet another Hollywood dynamic duo with amazing chemistry together and bags of charisma. Their comic timing is impeccable. And with a script like this they give it their best.

    There is so much to discuss about this movie, it’s laced with intriguing metaphor and deeply profound observations delivered with such wit and brilliance that I can watch this movie over and over. It almost plays out as a manual for living, if happiness, balance and wellbeing is what you seek, away from the things of man, away from the things of man…

    And one more thing… as an added extra an honourable mention goes to The Dark Crystal; Age of Resistance.

    Seeing the original Dark Crystal movie as a child, the plight of the Gelflings struck a chord with me early on and has endured as a fond memory of fantasy, adventure and romance, but with that dark disturbing edge that often makes for an intriguing narrative, (ambiguity, always a good sign)

    I was so excited when I saw the trailer for the new Netflix series. It looked so promising, and on arrival it didn’t disappoint. The series stands out as a testament to the potential of unbridled creativity and how to take an already existing work of excellence and push it to a whole new level.

    Throughout we see the evidence of a true love for the project with such acute appreciation and high standard of quality that the whole experience can be enjoyed in complete indulgence. It’s a rare thing to see a production of such high calibre on so many levels. From the seamless blending of live action puppetry and CGI to the meticulous attention to detail regarding colour schemes, costumes and set design. Even the voice actors were matched wonderfully.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten ‘_NF_’ Movies; The Ultimate Quest Of The Heart

  1. Beautifully written! You are very talented with reviews. I needed a nudge to see Joe V the volcano – it got my attention at the weekend and now I really must see the new Blade runner all the way through .

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“In Budapest, surgeons operated on printer's apprentice Gyoergyi Szabo, 17, who, brooding over the loss of a sweetheart, had set her name in type and swollowed the type.”
— Time Magazine 1936. From the book
Just My Type, by Simon Garfield.