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    For over twenty years I’ve worked with a varied array of digital and print based media from idea and planning to final production and delivery. A seasoned veteran using Adobe CC suite and also skilled in producing motion graphics content utilising the latest dynamics and photorealistic rendering with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

    I’ve worked with many diverse design projects, often switching between motion, interactive and print media. I’ve worked in a lead roll with clients such as, BBA, Barclays, Telia, SKF, SmithKline Glaxo, Schenker, Papyrus and Volvo amongst others.

    As an employee I am considered to be thorough and dedicated with a good sense of humour. I'm reliable, level headed under pressure and work well independently or in a team.

    Working in communication design is inspiring and It’s always rewarding to collaborate with diverse and talented people.
    I welcome the opportunity to expand my knowledge and deliver great experiences and visual solutions.


    ”Paul has a sharp eye for good typography and form. He is above all a person with well developed creative abilities. Everyone that got the chance to work with Paul thought that the experience was very positive both socially and professionally. He is a likeable person and highly recommended.”

    –Susanne Johansson. Chief Officer, Adera AB.


    In my spare time I train and instruct Aikido. This is a Japanese martial art that teaches non-violent resolution of conflict by utilising an attackers own force to neutralise aggression. The art teaches tolerance and harmony and works to broaden one’s philosophy on life, unifying mind and body.