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"Creativity is possible in any activity in which human intelligence is actively engaged.
The distinctive feature of human intelligence is imagination and the power of symbolic thought."
— Ken Robinson. From the book,
'Out of our minds'.

  • It’s important to have access to a stimulating environment yet also have the option to retreat to a place of solitude when necessary to recharge. Contrast between states encourages the spark of creativity to flourish and breath life into creative potential. Ontological evidence through purpose creates belief in possibilities and possibility is fuel for the INFJ. An opportunity nurtured and harnessed with respect and delicacy can start an encouraging ascent towards reliable productivity. So with point 2. in mind stay in touch with the ever changing world around us, get out into nature, shake up your routine, celebrate your solitude. Be open to the whisper as well as the wonder, but try not to get side tracked by competing distractions; like for instance, trying to rescue people crossing your path that may not necessarily need rescuing. Just saying…

    –Part two to follow.

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“In Budapest, surgeons operated on printer's apprentice Gyoergyi Szabo, 17, who, brooding over the loss of a sweetheart, had set her name in type and swollowed the type.”
— Time Magazine 1936. From the book
Just My Type, by Simon Garfield.